AIR’s EWS Online Tool

An early warning system (EWS) uses readily available data to identify students who are at risk of failing to meet key educational milestones, allowing educators to intervene early. Schools can use information from an EWS to support at-risk students with both school-wide strategies and targeted interventions. States, districts, and schools can use EWS data to examine school-level patterns to address systemic issues that may be impeding a student’s ability to meet key educational milestones. AIR has developed the EWS Online Tool to facilitate an effective early warning system by providing educators the necessary data from across data systems in an easy-to-access platform.

Early Warning System Tool

Dropout Prevention With the EWS Online Tool

The EWS Online Tool relies on student-level data available to the school or district such as attendance, course failures, grade-point average (if available), credit attainment, and behavior (if available) to identify students who are at risk. The EWS Online Tool combines all of this information together on a single platform which can be used to easily generate reports. By accessing available reports at the school, intervention, and individual student levels, school-based EWS teams can quickly identify at-risk students, assign and monitor interventions, and fully implement an effective EWS.


AIR’s EWS Online Tool features and options allow schools and districts to:

  • Customize variables or data points to match any student information system
  • Import student data using a simple upload process
  • Produce custom reports based a combination of factors (e.g., student demographics, intervention assignments, grade levels, custom variables, and more)
  • House an inventory of available interventions and track assignment to students
  • Analyze individual students, groups of students, or the entire school’s risk status across multiple grading periods and years of data
  • Access data from the cloud at any time while maintaining strict security protocols to protect student data

AIR offers on-demand tool support through a secure login for all users of the EWS Online Tool. Contact us today to learn more about the EWS Online Tool and additional support options.